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    Rules and Regulations of CMT Forums  Empty Rules and Regulations of CMT Forums

    Post  CmT.L3mOn on Thu May 19, 2011 12:14 am

    Hello , welcome to CmT. We have rules and regulations and it must be followed at all times

    Rule 1 : No Flamming
    Flamming is not allowed at CmT Forum Page. This may lead to warnings-Bans

    Rule 2 : No Illegal Programmes , Hacks and programmes realted to viruses , hacks and etc

    We don't wish to have the hacks , programmes. We will remove the thread if necessary. And we'll take action

    Rule 3 : Bad Words not allowed.

    We will not allow bad words used in threads , replies , PM and etc. If we hear this , we'll ban you/warn you

    Rule 4 : Spoken English

    We speak english , do not speak Malay , Chinese or whatsoever language here. We'll give u multiple warning following wif a temprorary ban if rule broke repeatedly.

    Rule 5 : No Porn Links , Links to sites which are M18 and above

    We do not like Porn , Sites which are M18 and above and etc. It'll removed on sight. Permanent Ban may be given or Temporary(Quite long)

    And at last , have fun

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